High Desert Zombie

Medium Roast
Tasting Notes
Peanut Earthy Bright Sweetness
This blend takes two coffees that don’t present much complexity or sweetness when alone, but when together they have surprising ability to draw both of those traits out of each other. This power couple especially shows off its strong points when brewed as a pour over, but levels into a very smooth and subtly sweet espresso when paired with milk in a Latte or Cortado. Highly recommended for camping in our amazing dessert wildernesses, or when hanging with your friendly neighborhood zombie at home.
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About this coffee

About the Farm

Farm notes - no beans have them yet. Frappuccino, sugar, pumpkin spice cup, carajillo, variety, id caramelization half and half that dark ristretto. Froth, iced, and, galão strong coffee pumpkin spice coffee.
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