World-Class Coffee.
Hometown Hospitality.

We provide Twin Falls, Idaho with excellent coffee and cafe food that brings people together to share in the community so that we can grow together.


Who we are and where we come from


Our coffee roasting process and vernacular


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Every coffee cup has a story to tell

We’re passionate about great coffee that doesn’t only taste good, but DOES good. Where our coffee beans come from and how they are grown matters to us as much as roasting and brewing them for a craft experience for our customers. Every cup of Twin Beans coffee tells a story you’ll be proud to be a part of.



Craft Coffee

Craft brewing simply means that we can tell you the story behind every cup of coffee — from where the beans are grown to how they’re roasted.


Ethically Sourced

All of our coffee & espresso beans come from growers with ethical models and practices, so you can enjoy a good cup of coffee and feel good about your purchase.


Roasted In-House

We really really love coffee! We love it so much that we roast all of our beans in house to ensure every cup we brew meets our quality standards.

Image: Espresso beans being checked in the coffee roasting cycle

Hand-crafted experience

Your coffee should taste great and make you feel great about buying. Our coffee beans are ethically-sourced and roasted in-house to match our standard of quality to our standard of living. Every bean’s flavor profile is meticulously honed and crafted to bring you an artisanal espresso experience.

Image: Happy family enjoy cafe food at Twin Beans Coffee Company

More than a coffee shop

We know that sometimes you just need a place to escape the rush of everyday life or a meeting spot where you can hang out and connect with your friends. Twin Beans is more than your favorite local downtown coffee shop, it’s also a space where you can feel at ease and recharge. Stop by our cafe in downtown Twin Falls the next time you need a break, grab a crepe or try one of our fresh baked treats, and discover your new favorite drink on our handcrafted beverage menu!

Flowers in vase at Twin Beans
Coffee art at Twin Beans
Coffee art on espresso machine at Twin Beans
Iced coffee outside of Twin Beans in downtown Twin Falls
Twin Beans team
Twin Beans nitro coffee
Cake for sale at Twin Beans
Milk steamer in action at Twin Beans
Iced coffee at Twin Beans