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Menu corner

In order to serve you well, please order at least 24 hours in advance of pickup time. Some special bakery items and any orders of over 50 servings require 48-hour notice.

* all catering orders will include a 15% service charge

(208) 749-0927

Self-Serve Coffee Station

Pump Pots $25 each (Serves 16)
Cups, cream & sugars included.
Maximum available is 4.

*Must be returned by close same day.
*Replacement fee of $60 per pot if returned damaged

Bakery Offerings

Chocolate Chip Cookies12$36
Sourdough Scones with Butter12$32
Triple Chocolate Espresso Brownies24$68
Choux a la Crème24$96
Apple Hand Pies24$96
Espresso Bundt Cake with Espresso Glaze1$58
Seasonal Fruit Tray (Serves 25-30)1$45
Plain Bagels & Cream Cheese12$36
Everything Bagels & Cream Cheese12$40
Jar of Garlic Herb Schmeer8oz$9
Jar of Lemon Curd8oz$12
Jar of Strawberry Jam8oz$12

*All bakery items are made from scratch and baked fresh in our kitchen

Continental Breakfast

Minimum order Serves up to 20 ($99). Order additional in increments of 10 (49.50)

  • Mini Scone and muffin platter with butter, lemon curd and strawberry jam
  • 15 Parfaits – Vanilla Greek Yogurt, House Granola, Berries (GF)
  • Fruit Trays- Berries, Oranges, Melon, Grapes. (Variety is dependent on seasonal

*Option to substitute 18 Bagels and Cream Cheese in place of Scones & Muffins for $12

Sandwich & Salad Lunch

Minimum order serves up to 20 ($159). Order additional in increments of 10 ($79.50). For orders of less than 20, we are happy to offer our usual menu for carry out.

Minimum order includes:

  • 20 half sandwiches.
    • Deli Medley (Ham or Turkey with Cheddar, Onion, Lettuce, Mayo, Mustard)
    • Veggie
  • Choose two of the following sides:
    • Apple Pear Medley
    • Tossed Green Salad
    • Golden Potato Salad

Upgrade to Signature Sandwiches for $1 more a serving. (Must upgrade in increments of 10)

  • Twin Beans Club
  • Turkey Bacon Ranch

Other Add-ons Available

Bags of Chips - $1.00/person

Hummus & Veggie Platter (Serves 20)  -  $45.00

Flowers in vase at Twin Beans
Coffee art at Twin Beans
Coffee art on espresso machine at Twin Beans
Iced coffee outside of Twin Beans in downtown Twin Falls
Twin Beans team
Twin Beans nitro coffee
Cake for sale at Twin Beans
Milk steamer in action at Twin Beans
Iced coffee at Twin Beans