Close to Heaven

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This is our house-espresso blend and was created before Twin Beans even had a name. In the early weeks of learning to roast, Paul would walk into his living room on Sunday afternoons and pass around his latest experimental roast for his family to taste and critique. This blend elicited no critique at all from the assembled crew and instead was met with all of us requesting more tastes in bigger cups. He told us to come up with a name, and shot down “Holy Grounds” and “Religious Experience” citing that as trite and sacrilegious.  The compromise was to call it Close to Heaven. Though we are unsure how that is less sacrilegious, it did make the cut and has stuck for over ten years.

This blend is always available on our bar as our house espresso and is roasted slightly darker than most of our coffees. It is designed to cut through the sweetness of added syrups, but is still highly enjoyable on its own. When brewed as a drip coffee, it is smooth, bold and nuanced.